Motive Engineering Hub Stands let you easily measure Ride Height, Toe, Caster, Camber, Wheel Base, Thrust Angle and Bump Steer.  So much more than simple toe plates, these Hub Stands bring the alignment tools of the highest level of automotive racing to the off-road world, auto-cross/track day warrior or the DIY auto enthusiast.

For any alignment to be accurate you have to start by eliminating friction that prevents the suspension from settling at its natural ride height.  Bouncing a car with its tires on the ground is useless. Measuring your alignment off the wheels can introduced inaccuracies.  Motive Engineering Hub Stands use low friction bearing rollers that allow your suspension to move without your tires trying to fight against it and laser cut steel for measurements true to the hub.

Motive Engineering Hub Stands are a complete system that allows you to check all the critical alignment matrices in order to tune your setup for the most precise handling and driver feedback. Even on vehicles with suspension travel measured in feet instead of inches.  You can't do that with traditional toe plates. 

Hub stands used to set up formula, GT and touring race cars are often machined out of billet aluminum.  By designing our hub stands with laser cut and bent steel we are able to offer the most affordable hub stand available.  We were also able to adapt the tools to vehicles that use a locker or spooled differential like a Trophy Truck, Ultra 4 or UTV.  No other hub stand on the market can be used on such vehicles!  And with almost 100 lbs of steel, our hub stands can handle some of the heaviest race vehicles made.

Simplicity creates Accuracy, Ease of Use and Affordability.

Motive Engineering Hub Stands allow you to perform consistent and accurate chassis set ups on just about any car, truck or UTV. The right tools makes any job easier and Motive Engineering Hub Stands are the right tool to help you get most out of your car.